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My Home Improvements’ Roller Shutters & Louvres are extremely versatile products with many practical applications. Every MHI Roller Shutter is made-to-measure right here in Australia, using aluminium that is both strong and durable to the elements. The aluminium is double-skinned and  injected with a polyurethane foam for maximum insulation. On top of that, surfaces are coated in “marine grade baked enamel”. My Home Improvements has Cyclone Rated and Bushfire Rated Roller Shutters as well, turning every Australian home into a virtual fortress. Whether it’s enclosing a patio or deck, screening a window, replacing a garage door, or installing them as security doors or one of many other applications, My Home Improvements’ Roller Shutters are the perfect product.

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Our Roller Shutters offer security, privacy & peace of mind

All MHI Roller Shutters undergo the highest possible level of quality control & product testing – ensuring world class products every time! Every MHI Roller Shutter is manufactured precisely – in fact to the millimetre – for each individual window. Surfaces are fully coated in a wet bake polyester, which also comes with an immaculate fade and scratch resistant finish. They are available in a wide range of colour combinations including stylish and ever-popular white plantation shutters.

Key Advantages of our Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters not only offer superior protection and peace of mind, they provide a more comfortable and eco-friendly environment. Lightweight yet extremely strong, the curtain area consists of an aluminium skin with enhanced strength and insulation qualities. Manufactured right here in Australia, discover for yourself why more and more people are taking advantage of this truly multi-functional product. Here are just some of the special features and benefits.

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Present an immediate visible deterrent, protecting your home against burglary and vandalism.  Versions of our shutters are used by some of our commercial clients to provide security for their business or home. With optional locks and other measures available, our shutters can add an unmatched combination of deterrent and security for most applications.


The standard range of shutter include a non-toxic foam centre which provide incredible levels of insulation. These thermal insulation properties  reduce the harsh effects of summer heat as well as retaining the warmth during the colder winter months. Used correctly, our shutters can dramatically reduce the power bills used to heat or cool your home.

Reduce Energy Costs

The cost of heating and cooling your home is substantially reduced all year round making your roller shutters an ideal investment for the future. (Furthermore, by reducing energy costs – by up to 40% – you’re also lessening the damaging effect on the environment.)

Noise Reduction

University tests have proven that roller shutters have a positive effect in the reduction of noise levels from outside of the home. With the core of our blades filled with a non-toxic foam, the Roller Shutters provide excellent insulation against noise. Their extraordinary soundproofing qualities are perfect for clients in high traffic areas trying to get a good night’s sleep.

Light Control / Blockout

When installing our shutters, we can build them to provide full light blockout (in most cases) when closed. Not only will your home be quieter, but light and ventilation can be adjusted to create a pleasant, softly lit atmosphere. This feature will definitely appeal to you if you are a shift-worker, or have young babies..

Control Your Environment

Your roller shutters will prevent the sunlight from fading your carpets, precious family photos and interior furnishings, as well as act as long term protection for window frames.

Bushfire Ember Attack

Extensive testing has been carried out in conjunction with the CSIRO. The impressive results were a 29kw/m2 rating for AR400 Series Shutters (Technical assessment 306), and BAL 40 (Bushfire Attack Level 40) for AE401 Extruded Shutters for the protection against radiant heat from bushfires. In layman’s terms, that mean they are rated to withstand a bushfire ember attack. If you live in a bushfire-prone area, for peace of mind you really should install our Roller Shutters.


Your roller shutters offer you utmost privacy during both day and night. You control the extent by simply adjusting the shutter to suit your needs. When fully open, the shutter curtain is completely out of sight leaving you unrestricted views through your window.


The shutters can be operated either electronically, manually or with the unique E-Series Drive System. Importantly your shutters are operated from inside your home to further enhance the security and convenience aspect.

Roller Shutters with E-Series Drive System

An affordable motorised control system that is battery operated and therefore not reliant on mains power. With operation at the touch of a button, this unique product offers you a competitive alternative to current control options whilst allowing for a simple, clean and cost effective installation.

OZROLL Drive System for Roller Shutters

The OZ Roll Drive system is a low voltage battery operated drive system that is also not reliant on mains power. With operation at the touch of a button this unique system is a cost effective alternative providing  a more efficient installation. The motor can be fitted into the axle (T20 Tubular Motor) or mounted on the end plate (L10 Lateral Motor). Each motor is equipped with a low voltage cable which is connected directly to the back of the wall plate, or to the fixed switch allowing for power to be generated through the motor. Both the portable controller and the fixed switch are equipped with re-chargeable batteries that can be easily charged via a number of convenient options. The E-Fix also has the option of charging using solar energy.

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