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Do you have a leaking roof?

If your roof is badly leaking, you’ve probably been wondering if its possible to get it repaired or whether you need a roof replacement.

Let us tell you from experience…there really is no point in investing money on a roof that is beyond repairs!!

Rather than throw away good money on short-term repairs, our My Home Improvements roofing contractors can provide you with the ultimate solution – a total Roof Replacement and/or Gutter Replacement.

Our experienced team of roofing contractors have over 20 years of experience and all our workmanship is backed with a 10 year warranty guarantee.

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Which type of roof should I get?

Deciding between tiles or metal? The trend is to make the switch to metal.

All tile roofs require ongoing maintenance approximately every ten years. That is why more and more people are thinking – why put up with this costly drama?

If you are contemplating a roof replacement, then it makes sense to replace your roof with Stratco Colorbond corrugated roofing iron. Aesthetically, it looks a much better than tired old tiles and – best of all – it lasts up to 30 years (guaranteed) without maintenance!

What’s involved in a metal roof replacement?

New structural battens are required to change your roof from tile to iron in most cases. This is a job only very experienced professionals should handle. Deal with the consummate professionals in re-roofing old tile roofs to the best iron roof solutions.

My Home Improvements only use the best quality iron from the Australian manufacturer Bluescope Steel supplied to Stratco QLD. Every replacement comes in a wide range of attractive colours and styles that will suit any home’s décor and add a new dimension to your home!

Roof Replacement AND Gutter Replacement

Sick and tired of your old gutters leaking? We can provide a complete gutter replacement package including downpipes and fascias. Choose from our comprehensive range of guttering styles and colours – the perfect complement to a newly restored or replaced roof.

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Roof Replacement, Clayfield QLD

Before Roof Replacement Clayfield Brisbane
After Roof Replacement Clayfield Brisbane

Roof Replacement, Mt Gravatt East QLD

Before Roof Replacement Mt Gravatt Brisbane
After Roof Replacement Mt Gravatt Brisbane

Roof Replacement, Camp Hill QLD

Before Roof Replacement Camp Hill Brisbane
After Roof Replacement Camp Hill Brisbane

“Did you know we can also install Skylights, Solar Powered Ventilators and Whirly Birds on all roof replacements and most roof restorations.”

Time to replace your roof?

If so and you’d like some expert information and professional advice about Roof Replacements – or anything to do with roofs for that matter – simply get in touch with the friendly, helpful team at My Home Improvements. Call us on 3808 0700 or click here to contact us.