Solar Power on Rural Properties

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Solar Power in Rural Areas, it makes perfect sense to install solar power on your rural property…especially in Central Queensland and Northern New South Wales where there’s an average of eight hours a day of untapped energy supplied free from the sun. The trouble is there aren’t as many solar companies out west as there are in the cities and major regional centres, so there are less to choose from. And the last thing you want is to choose a solar company because they were available, not but because they were good, and more importantly, trustworthy.

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My Home Improvements are very good at installing solar power – it’s been a core part of our business for almost 20 years – and we have an edge over our competitors when it comes to rural properties, because we give property owners what they want:

  • Quality solar panels and Inverters
  • Professional installation
  • Genuine Warranties (on Panel Performance, Product, Inverter AND Installation)
  • Expert advice, and at times a rarity in our profession…
  • Honest advice
Solar Power on farms and properties. Three things you must know

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Insist on top quality rural solar panels

All solar panel systems are NOT the same. Cheap solar panels are cheap for a reason; they can contain poor quality silicone and silicone blends that can fatigue, crack and lose their efficiency. In fact, we’ve seen poor quality panels that have lost between 30-40% of their efficiency in just 4-5 years. That’s a huge waste of money, because quality solar panels should last up to thirty years. The solar panel system inverters also need to be good quality. Look for technologically-advanced brands that are engineered with full capacity in mind – that way you know that they will work efficiently, especially at start-up when maximum power is called for.

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Professional rural solar system installation.

Budget solar systems need to cut corners somewhere; if it isn’t the components, it’s probably the installation. My Home Improvements are extremely experienced and go to great lengths to ensure that the solar panel system will be installed properly. The fact that we have have had 20 years’ expertise as roofing contractors and are fully licenced builders gives us a real edge over other solar companies – we guarantee there will be no issues whatsoever.

Solar Power on farms and properties. Three things you must know

Want to know more about Rural Solar?

For more information about Solar Power on rural properties, you should definitely have a chat to the team at My Home Improvements. Simply click here to contact us. Need an answer to a question? Read this informative blog…

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